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TRAVEL | First stop: New York City

On the 18th of June, my dad and I met up at the airport to go to New York City. It was his first time going there and for me my second time. For me, it was also the beginning of a looooong trip. I’m going to stay in the USA for a total of 10 weeks. But it was definitely fun to spend the first few days with my dad. We did a lot in just a few days. Brooklyn Bridge,  The High Line, Central Park, Guggenheim, etc. Mostly just touristic things. The hotel we were staying at was located in Williamsburg. It’s such a nice neighbourhood and I’m happy we got to explore that area a bit more.

After my dad left, I transferred to another location. From now on, I’ll be staying in hostels only. Less luxurious but really a great way to meet new people. Most hostels organise all kinds of events. Like movie nights, tours and much more. I’m going on a hostel tour in a bit. Hope to meet some nice people, because I haven’t really met anyone yet. But that was because I was busy meeting up with some other people who are in the city as well.

It’s great being in New York again. I’m enjoying the weather and the city. The hostel I’m currently staying at is super close to Central Park, so most mornings so far, I woke up, got breakfast and walked through the park. Reading, relaxing and looking around. It’s only the beginning of a long but great trip. I’m curious about all the things I will experience, do and see. But only time can tell.

Have a great summer! And I’ll post updates on here every now and then.


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