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The last couple of years, I’ve travelled quite a bit. Long trips, festivals, city trips etc. I save up a lot of my money, but I also looooove looking for deals. Checking the internet to look for the cheapest flights, find offers on hotels, using reward programs or using discount codes. These are all great ways to spend a little bit less on your trip. To make saving some money on your next trip a bit easier for you, I’m going to share a discount.

I think a lot of people use It’s easy to use and I also love that it has many different types of accommodations. They have hotels, but also hostels, apartments and more. So they basically have something for everyone. More lowbudget? Book a hostel. Going with a group of friends? Book an apartment! So how do you get this 25 euro discount on Just by booking through this link. Isn’t that great? For the discount to work, make sure your booking is 50 euros or up!

My upcoming trip is to London, to meet up with some friends that I met in a hostel in Los Angeles. In case you’re also going to London soon, read my post about hotspots in Notting Hill.

Happy travels! Where are you going to next? And in case you still need to book your accommodation, don’t forget to book through this link to get a 25 euro discount.


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