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OUTFIT | Museums in Amsterdam

museums in amsterdam, stedelijk museum

Something I love to do on a day off is visiting museums. Just wandering around, looking at beautiful artworks and learning more about specific artists or periods/styles. I also want to learn more about the natural living for women because I am a woman myself. In Amsterdam, they’re so many interesting museums. From modern art museums to photography or science. There’s something for everyone. Since having a ‘museumjaarkaart’, I go to museums more often. Sometimes for a few hours, but also for quick visits. That’s what I love about having the museum card. You can just have a look at an exhibition you might wouldn’t have gone to if you had to pay the entrance fee. Today I’m going to the Hermitage, which is currently showing an exhibition called ‘Classic Beauties’. Very excited! Usually I’m more into modern art, but I can’t wait to see all the amazing paintings and sculptures.

These are some of my favorite museums in Amsterdam:
– Huis Marseille
– Stedelijk Museum
– Moco
– Van Gogh Museum

Do you like to visit museums as well? Would love to hear about your favorites!

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    Mooi zeg!