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OUTFIT | Days in the City

Last August, I moved to Amsterdam. And I’m still in love with the city. You just need to avoid all the touristy places and go into the side streets and just some calmer parts. There’s still much for me to discover here in Amsterdam. And I guess the exploring will never end. Last weekend, Ilse and I went into the city for a bit and she also shot some photos of me. I was wearing sneakers!! Something which doesn’t happen that often, trust me. But honestly, who doesn’t like the Vans trend? Even though I’m not a sneaker kind of girl, I love how the shoes go with so many different kind of looks. Jeans, yes. But also with cute dresses and jumpsuits.

I combined them with a pair of striped trousers from Nümph and a basic turtle neck. It’s definitely not the most interesting look, but sometimes I just want to keep it comfy. Especially when going into the city to just buy some things. Oh and hey, what do you think of my new lighter hair?

Do you like wearing sneakers yourself?

VANS shoes via Nelson, PROMISS top, NÜMPH trousers


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