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The last couple of days have been wonderful. Feeling the sun on my skin. Biking around the city, smiling and listening to music. It’s beautiful to see the positive effect the sun can have on people. In a way, everyone sort of seems happy and more relaxed as well. Hopefully it’ll stay like this. A sunny summer, with friends, beaches, drinks and of course bikinis as well. Getting that tanned skin we all seem to want so bad. If you’re still looking for some pretty bikinis, you should check out LASCANA. They always have such a diverse range of swimwear. For this post, I selected a few of my favorite bikinis. The one in the upper right corner is my favorite because it’s quite basic, but the straps make it a bit more special. Just like the yellow bikini has. But I love them all. My next sunny trip will be to the USA this June. Can’t wait! Still need to buy a nice bikini, but at least now I know where to look.

What do you think of these bikinis?


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