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INSTAGRAM 098 | Paris & Floral Prints

1. With Joella, shooting a campaign. 2. Love having some spring colors on my nails! These pretty nail polishes are from the brand BABOR. My favorite beauty brand at the moment. 3. Taking some cool shots in Paris! More looks are on my Instagram account @radiatefashion. 4. If you’re going to Paris, make sure to go to Pink Mamma for lunch or dinner. The restaurant itself is beautiful and the food is delicious. 5. Wearing a cute floral dress from Minimum. Perfect for the summer. Can’t wait to wear it more soon. 6. Detail shot of my Minimum midi skirt and new loafers. 7. Love wearing denim, especially this denim jacket! 8. Another one in front of the Eiffel Tower! 9. My favorite place in Paris is probably Mont-Martre. Love walking around that area, and watching the city from such a high view point.

What do you think of these snapshots? And have you ever been to Paris?



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