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INSTAGRAM 097 | Food & Outfits Pics

1. New York, I wish. Only less than 3 months left before I head to the USA again. 2. Love it when coffee places look like this. This was in Antwerp. I wrote a post about my weekend trip to Antwerp. 3. My friend celebrated her birthday with a dinner at the Hortus in Amsterdam. It’s such a beautiful place. 4. Pluk in Amsterdam has the best pies. Even vegan, gluten free etc. Here’s a post about some nice places for lunch in Amsterdam. 5. I was featured in the Cosmopolitain last month, so cool! 6. Went to Rotterdam to meet up with Manon. The lunch we had was so delicious! Bread with beet hummus, feta, pickles and some other things. 7. Oh hey, that’s me wearing sneakers?! They are from Skechers, and are so so comfy. 8. Much needed coffee breaks during cold days. I’m glad the temperature is rising again! 9. Neutral tones. This look will be online soon!

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