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How To Rock a Summer Dress 

Summer fashion is both a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about layering properly to keep out the cold. On the flip side though, the sweltering heat of summer can leave you longing for an outfit you won’t soak with sweat. When you want something that’ll keep you cool, a dress is a must-have. But one of the biggest challenges of the perfect summer dress is how to wear it. How do you make sure you don’t look like you’re going out in your Sunday best? What is the line between laidback and overdressed? Fortunately, pulling off a casual look with a dress is totally doable.

Dress Down Your Dress

The key to pulling off a casual dress is what you pair with it. If you’re going to wear a dress in a more casual setting, you typically wouldn’t wear your nicest pair of dress heels or your expensive jewelry. The right accessories can help you nail a stylish but low-key summer look. For example, you can never go wrong with a dress and a pair of sandals. Add a loose cardigan or a straw hat to the look, and you’re good to go! Still not sure where to start? For inspiration, check out what fashion blogs are posting. Fashion blogs are great way to see what trends are popular right now, and you can pick and choose what pieces you think would suit your personal sense of style.

Keep It Light, Keep It Casual

But what about the dress itself? The cut and the style of a dress will also help you decide whether it’s a dress for getting coffee or a dress for going to a wedding. Through the wonders of online shopping, you have a lot of options to pick from so finding affordable fashion items is easy. If you’re going for a more casual look, dresses that are light and flowy are best. A dress with a looser shape will also help you battle the heat.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Risk

Fashion is all about trying new things. So if you feel like you might be able to pull off a certain look, go with your gut. What’s the worst thing that could happen? If you end up not liking your outfit, you never have to wear it again! The more you experiment, the stronger your personal style will be, and summer is a great time to try something daring.

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