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Not that long ago, I was packing my suitcase for my USA trip. One of the places I’m going to this year is LA, which means: beach time! I decided not to bring any bikinis, only bathing suits. Lately I’ve just been more into bathing suits. You won’t get an as nice tan as you would while wearing a bikini, but I honestly don’t really care about that. Bathing suits are cute and available in so many different styles! In case you also want to wear nice swimwear this summer, I recommend you take a look at de Bijenkorf’s bathing suits collection (Badpakken). The 5 shown above are all from their webshop. They have multiple ‘basic’ ones, like the black ones. If you’re more into fun prints, they’ve got you covered as well! I personally really love stripes, but they also have floral prints and more! So definitely worth checking that out if you’re looking for cute swimwear. If you’re no into bathing suits, have a look at their bikini collections! (Bikini’s) My favorite brand is Seafolly, for both bikinis and swimsuits. (Bikini’s SeafollyBadpakken Seafolly)

What kind of swimwear do you usually wear yourself?

Left to right:  Banana moon, Seafolly, Billabong, Mara Hoffman, Seafolly


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  1. June 23, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Wauw, ze zijn allemaal supermooi!