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Well, it’s time to say by to our summer jackets and hello to our fall coats and winter coats. Since the shops are already filled with beautiful fall and winter items, I decided that it’s time to share some of my favorite winter coats here.

ZARA: The 3 you see above are all from Zara. One of the winter coats I currently own is from Zara and I love the quality of it. They always have such a beautiful collection during the winter so it was hard to pick just three of my favs, but these are the ones. I love the green colour of the jacket, it just screams fall.

winter coats topshopTOPSHOP: I must say that I have never shopped at Topshop again, but I do love to check out their website once in a while. When I checked out their winter coat section, my eyes fell on these 2 pretty long coats. Maybe I should get a long winter coat myself, because I just love them. The one in the middle is quite different but it looks so comfy and warm, plus who doesn’t love corduroy?

winter coats asos

ASOS: I always visit Asos when I’m in need of new clothes. They just always have the perfect items. The classic black coat is just perfect when you want to keep it simple. But the printed one of the left is quite the opposite. Although I have they say they both look very comfy. What I love most about the dark red coat is the color. The coat might not be warm enough to wear during winter but hey, it’s a cool one and perfect to wear this fall.

Hope this gave you some inspiration for your fall/winter coat shopping. I always love seeing how different people style different types of coats. A long one is still on my wish list, but I honestly don’t really need one. So it might be better to save my money and spend it on something else.

Do you already have a coat for fall/winter?


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