PLACES I LIKE | The Breakfast Club, Amsterdam

hotspot the breakfast club amsterdam

hotspot the breakfast club amsterdam
 Haarlemmerplein 31, Amsterdam 
My favorite meal of the day? Probably breakfast. I must say that the breakfasts that I make aren’t that special, especially if you compare them to the dishes at The Breakfast Club. A couple of weeks ago, Joëlla and I went there after shooting some outfit pictures. Of course, being the sweet tooth that I am, I ordered pancakes with fruit. You can find a lot of non sweet things on the menu as well. Sandwiches and eggs but if you do want sweet, there’s a selection of pancakes. Furthermore, the interior is quite cool as well and there’s a chill vibe. They have 3 different locations throughout Amsterdam. We went to the one located at Haarlemmerplein. I definitely want to go here another time to try out more of their food. But since they have more locations, maybe I should see how they look first. If you’re looking for more info about The Breakfast Club, you can visit their website.
What your favorite meal of the day? Doesn’t this look delicious?


  1. November 11, 2016 / 4:04 am

    Reading your website is pure pleasure for me,
    it deserves to go viral.

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