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WISH TO WEAR | Printed Summer Dress

printed summer dress

I’m on a roll with my printed items posts. It all started with a post about tropical prints, then one about printed swimsuits and here I am with another one. A wish to wear post with a printed summer dress. But hey, isn’t this one just so pretty? When it comes to printed items, combining them with basic non printed is the easiest and safest way. Because print on print can look cool, but a lot of times it doesn’t look that good, in my opinion. If I were to wear this dress from Selected Femme. I would combine it with some black items. Black doesn’t really scream summer, but this look would be perfect for a day in the city. Shopping, going for lunch. Comfortable because of the boots, summer ready with the sunglasses and hat and some details to give a special touch to the look.

Yes, I can imagine myself wearing this (hopefully) soon. Definitly ready for sunny and warm days, including lots of ice cream, good food and friends. Please, can those days be here soon? Bare legs and a cute printed summer dress. And if it’s too hot, sandals instead of these boots of crouse.

What do you think of this printed summer dress? Would you wear it?



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