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OUTFIT | Kipling Transformation Collection

Janne Biersma, Kipling Transformation Collection outfit

Guess who’s back? Yes, the sun! I’m so happy it’s Spring. I’m already looking forward to going to the park, listening to music or reading, and just relaxing. And that while soaking up some vitamin D. I think that’s something I could really use right now, just like many other people. My energy levels have been low, and now spring is here, I’m ready to reload. For me, some ways to do this is by just being outside and being active. And with being active I don’t mean working out, but going outdoors and do things like walking through the city, visiting museums, getting ice cream. Being around people and being in the sun. Oh yes spring, I’ve missed you and those happy spring days. And this new bag from the Kipling Transformation collection is going to be my best friend during these wonderful days.

Kipling Transformation Collection outfit

What I love about this Tsuki S bag is the color. It matches most colors, which is great. No need to worry about the bag clashing with the colors I’m wearing on a specific day. And besides that, you can wear it multiple ways. Don’t need to grab your stuff for a while? Use it as a backpack. Want it to be easier to grab something out of your bag, use it as a tote. Simple as that. My camera fits in there, some extra stuff like my wallet, phone, keys. Even a little blanket in case I want to go to the park. It’s big (yet small) enough for everything I need to bring with me on a lovely spring day. And I love that.

Kipling Transformation Collection outfit

The Kipling Transformation collection is worth checking out. All the bags are in neutral tones and can be transformed in different kinds of bags.

Are you excited about Spring? What do you like to do on a sunny day? And what do you think of this Kipling bag?

MOVES BY MINIMUM skirt, sweater, NELSON shoes, KIPLING Tsuki S

Written in collaboration with Kipling


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  1. April 5, 2019 / 3:39 pm

    Wat een toffe tas! :)