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INSTAGRAM 078 | Outfits & Cute Buildings

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1. Green juices. They might not look tasty, but this one from Juice Brothers definitely was. 2. I’m wearing this coat all the time, maybe too much. You can see the outfit post here. 3. Last week, I went to the Katten Kopjes cafe together with Laurien and Renee. It’s fun if you love cats, but the food is really good as well. 4. Stripes. Guess I will never stop wearing stripes. See the complete outfit post here. 5. Amsterdam is so pretty. Even when it’s raining, this city looks cute. 6. Saw so many beautiful items during all the press days the last couple of days. 7. The fall colors are so beautiful. 8. This look will be online this weekend, but I posted some pictures on Instagram already. 9. Embroidery, it’s one of the trends that I love at the moment. These jeans are from River Island.

What have you been up to lately? Any fun plans for the weekend maybe?


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