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INSTAGRAM 91 | Street Art & Outfits

1. Comfy in my new Justin Bieber sweater. And wearing my cool new boots from the Sacha x Fashionchick collection. 2. Isn’t this city just beautiful? 3. Was good to be in Berlin again, such a cool city. 4. Matching with the flowers. This jacket is one of my favorite items at the moment. 5. And so is this sheer top with galaxy print from Zara. 6. Still love creating flatlays. In this post I share some tips for making flatlays. 7. Happy with my new jeans from the Body Bespoke collection from Wrangler. The collection is all about having the pockets and seams on the right spot, and just perfectly shaped denim. 8. How pretty is the Essie fall collection? Couldn’t decide which color to wear so I wore two of them. 9. Fancy pants from Nümph and so so comfy.

How have you been lately? 


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