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1. Flew from Schiphol to Copenhagen last Monday. 2. This was Tivoli’s entrance. A beautiful amusement park. The lights looked magical, especially at night. 3. Everywhere you looked were beautiful buildings, so it was hard to capture everything haha. Took a loooooot of pictures. 4. Nyhavn looked gorgeous, especially because of all the colors houses. 5. In Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art was an exhibition by Yayoi Kusuma. It was wonderful to see the art and learn more about the artist herself too. 6. Amsterdam, looking lovely as always. 7. Love seeing Christmas lights everywhere. Nijmegen looked wonderful as well. 8. Currently reading book #25 this year. My challenge was to read 50, maybe I was a bit too enthusiastic when I set that goal. 9. Home made waffles are the best. Now it’s vacation! Tho these weeks won’t feel really different from normal weeks for me. Still have to work a few days. But of course, christmas and nye! Really looking forward to that! Do you have plans for you vacation/christmas/nye?

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  1. December 20, 2015 / 9:30 pm

    Heerlijke foto's weer :) Ik vind die foto van jou met je camera in Kopenhagen zo leuk! Over 1,5 week zit ik daar alweer voor oud & nieuw, heb er zoveel zin in! :)