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It rarely happens that I write a post about makeup. I don’t know that much about it, and I also don’t really wear a lot of it (normally just mascara + lipstick). But I’ve been working with the brand BABOR for a little while now and wanted to share some of my favorite BABOR makeup products with you. BABOR is mainly know for their skincare and ampoules. And believe me, their items are wonderful! But their makeup is great as well.

When it comes to lip products, I’ve been using two shades a lot lately. The one is the picture, which is called deep red. And their rosy red shade that I wore with this outfit. For my lashes I use the perfect curl mascara. This one works really great for me and gives my lashes that extra boost, yet still looking quit natural. When I go to an event or party, I like to apply the tri-colour blush and sometimes add a bit of eyeshadow. So yeah, a natural look it is, but that’s how I like it. And of course, a bold lip color can already do a lot.

Have you ever tried any BABOR makeup products yourself?


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