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cafe neustadt prague
Prague is a beautiful city. I’ve seen the most amazing buildings and the most colorful ones as well. So walking from place to place was no problem at all. There was so much to see in this wonderful city. And luckily, there were also enough cute hotspots in Prague. One day, while I wore this outfit, Renee and I went to Cafe Neustadt Prague, located in the court of the new town hall. So the location was great (city center) and so was the food. I went for pancakes and a cappuccino. What I also loved about Prague was that compared to the Netherlands, the prices were quite low. Lunch for something like 8/9 euros!

So if you’re looking for a lovely lunch spot, go to Cafe Neustadt Prague. The interior looked pretty, the location is in the center and the food was really tasty. Also make sure to eat a Trdelnik when you’re in Prague. So sweet, but oh so good!

Have you been to¬†Prague and doesn’t this place look cute?

Check out the website of Cafe Neustadt Prague for more info!



  1. May 12, 2017 / 3:39 pm

    Ziet er leuk uit! Nu wil ik echt super graag weer naar Praag! Ben er al een aantal keer geweest, maar dat is al weer een paar jaar geleden.

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