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WISH TO WEAR | Beach Day Look

beach day outfit

It’s time for some beach days! Now that summer has arrived, lots and lots of people pack their bags for a day at the beach. And I can definitely understand why. I don’t always like to swim when I go to the beach. Sometimes I just like to go there, enjoy the view, walk around and sit down somewhere to have lunch or dinner. And when it’s warm, you of course avoid wearing tight items. So the look above is something I’d wear myself on a beach day. Comfy, casual and beach proof. Beachwear can be very colorful with lots of prints, but it can be basic too. Like the loose pants above in combination with a plain loose cropped top. Another thing I love to wear to the beach are jumpsuits. They’re perfect to wear over your bikini or swimsuit. Just take off your jumpsuit and you’re ready to run into the sea and cool down. And tan afterwards of course.

What would you wear to the beach?


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